FUEL SAVINGS at the pump


No Points | No Rewards | No Jumping Through Hoops | Realtime Savings at The Pump From The First Litre

What if you could save up to R0.70c PER LITRE of diesel every time you fill up by simply registering yourself or your business with SMART Trek Solutions?

Our SMARTTFuel Solutions give you the opportunity to save a substantial amount of money just by doing what you would normally do – refueling your diesel vehicles.

  • Cashback for every litre of fuel purchased – Reduces every bill
  • Improved cashflow – Spending less means increased cashflow in your account
  • Quick, easy & straightforward process – Register once, receive tag, pay less at the pump
  • No points to accumulate – You just get a lower fuel price every time
  • No minimum spend required – You just get a lower fuel price every time
  • Hassle-free registration with no credit checks, just APPLY TODAY


Simply register yourself or business and vehicles online with SMARTTrek


Refuel your vehicle with diesel at any participating Service Station nationwide


For every litre of fuel you purchase, you will make an immediate saving off pump price. SMARTT!

Improved Fleet Control
Monitor every transaction with our fleet control solution benefit along with the fuel rewards programme & look forward to reduced risk of fraudulent activity that our system allows you to enjoy. Business owners or independent members receive an SMS for every transaction, as well as monthly statements detailing all transactions, and access to our online fleet management portal.